Today is the International Day of Biological Diversity, so we’d like to shine a spotlight on Kantukungwa Village Natural Resources Committee from T/A Nthunduwala in Kasungu. The community is collaboratively regenerating a four-hectare natural forest gifted by the chief, who is passionate about biodiversity.

The forest will provide medicine for the community as well as a habitat for wildlife. We’ve been providing guidance about indigenous tree species and so far 500 tree seedlings have been planted – with more to come. Those with larger gardens are also replicating the initiative at home.

We were also invited to support the forest’s biodiversity by providing bee hives, but the initiative belongs entirely to the community who have even established bylaws to guide the forest’s management. Extension officers from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife will continue to provide technical support.


Over 30,000 hectares of forest disappear each year in Malawi alone.