Congratulations to the Wildlife Detection Dog Unit who have just received the ‘5 Animal Freedoms’ endorsement from the Centre for Animal Welfare and Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals. 

Endorsed by the Department for Animal Health and Livestock Development, this stamp of approval acknowledges the unit’s observance of the 5 animal freedoms:

💚 Freedom from fear and distress
💧 Freedom from hunger and thirst
🐾 Freedom to express normal behaviour ‎
‍⚕️ Freedom from pain, injury and disease
🐕 Freedom from discomfort

The endorsement programme stems from LSPCA’s pursuit of animal welfare in general and the welfare of working dogs specifically.

In addition to receiving the ‘5 Animal Freedoms’ Stamp of Approval, the unit has now been certified by the American Society of Canine Trainers International.

All members of the unit have qualified for international certification in vehicle detection, building detection and open area searches. The certification process involved a ten-day training period covering dog welfare, the science behind dogs’ sense of smell and practical exercises such as building, vehicle and bush searches.

In the words of the certification team: “The dogs are extremely clean and well-groomed. The safety and security of the dogs were observed. They all look exceptionally healthy and very much functionally happy.”