LWC Leo & Milo hyenas December 2021 3
LWC Leo & Milo hyenas December 2021 14
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Leo and Milo came to us as tiny cubs after their mum was chased away from their den and never returned. They’ve settled in really well with us – enjoying time together and curious to explore their new environment. They’re growing fast as well, along with their appetites!

After they were orphaned, they spent a period in human care. When they came to us, we took blood samples and ran x-rays – which thankfully confirmed they were in good health. But sadly their time in captivity means they haven’t developed the skills they need to thrive in the wild. Fortunately, we’re able to provide them with enough space and stimulation to happily spend as much time with us as they need.

Since they arrived at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, their diet has evolved to include more than milk – and they now have their very own large enclosure. This week they even got to experience rain for the very first time.

Like all of the animals in our care, Leo and Milo still require lots of attention and resources and we can always use additional support. Every month we take in more injured, orphaned and abused animals who need our help, just like Leo and Milo.

We urgently need donations for food, medicine and rehabilitation support to ensure we can give orphans like Leo and Milo a second chance at life back in the wild – where they belong.

You can also support Leo and Milo’s care by symbolically adopting them. To sponsor Leo and Milo for one year, please click ‘donate’ below.


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