We’re excited to announce that brand new accommodation facilities are being constructed at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (LWC) for people undertaking wildlife placements with us!

“The forest is home to an amazing array of wildlife”

Developed with funding from the United Nations Development Programme, the new accommodation will be ready for visitors in early 2022. Bookings for placements are now open for positions in sanctuary work, veterinary medicine and wildlife research.

Our new accommodation is located in the middle of our wildlife sanctuary, which is surrounded by a beautiful 180-acre protected forest reserve – a rare green space in the heart of the capital city. This means that you’ll experience the magic of bush life – spending evenings by the fire listening to the sounds of the forest – while also being able to pop to a supermarket or treat yourself to a meal out. 

LWC also has its own on-site café, Maravi Gardens, which sells a selection of artisanal coffees and food and is a perfect space for a quiet moment of reading or studying.

There are up to 6km of walking trails through the forest, which is home to an amazing array of wildlife, including monkeys, hyenas, bushpigs, jackals, crocodiles and hundreds of bird species.

Our new accommodation building will host up to 18 people at a time across six bedrooms. It also includes a lounge, kitchen, inside and outside dining spaces, two bathrooms, laundry space, an outdoor deck and garden. 

The design will feature simple but stylish furnishings, with a focus on comfortable, communal living. Our aim is to provide an environment where people can relax, socialise and enjoy downtime after a busy day at work protecting wildlife!

In addition to new accommodation we are also constructing a brand new, industry-leading animal care facility, thanks to generous support from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Olsen Animal Trust.

Over the last few years, increasing numbers of patients, equipment and students have meant we had begun to outgrow our old facility. Our new building covers 870m² and includes a large veterinary clinic, purpose-built lab, multiple enclosures including a warming room for small or intensive care patients, a conference room, storage and a central outdoor courtyard. It is significantly larger than our old facility and means we will be able to continue to provide excellent care for Malawi’s wildlife and teaching for both national and international students interested in conservation medicine. Although the vet clinic room is now operational, other parts of the building are still being finalised.

LWC is Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary, a place where injured, orphaned and abused wild animals can find safety and rehabilitation before being returned to the wild. Those that are unable to be released find a permanent home with us. The Centre is widely renowned as one of the best wildlife facilities in Africa and is the only sanctuary in the world to hold accreditations with the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the PAW Scheme under the Born Free Foundation. LWC also acts as the central HQ for LWT’s national wildlife response, which provides veterinary assistance to wild animals in crisis situations across the country’s entire estate of protected areas, as well as long-term research and monitoring of species of special concern. LWC is also a training hub for local and international students, researchers and volunteers.