Meet our latest intakes: Mvula, Joseph and Peace. These three young vervet monkeys (two of them are still infants) mark the start of ‘orphan season’ here in Malawi.
Last week a kind passerby brought in a tiny baby vervet monkey they found alone on the side of the road in Lilongwe. It was a day of rain towards the end of the dry season – so we named him Mvula, which means ‘rain’ in Chichewa.

He was about 3 weeks old, which meant he had to be bottle fed around the clock. Initially overwhelmed by his new surroundings, Mvula is thankfully in good health and we have every reason to believe that he’ll be successfully rehabilitated into one of our vervet troops here at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. 

And this week Mvula was successfully introduced to Lulu – his new foster mother! Lulu will help Mvula develop the skills he needs to survive once he’s hopefully released back into the wild together with his new family.

With orphan season 

only just beginning, 

it’s going to be a busy 

few months ahead…

Another infant vervet, Joseph, arrived on Sunday. And yesterday we welcomed Peace, our 128th intake of 2021 – the most animals we’ve received in a year, ever. And with orphan season only just beginning, it’s going to be a busy few months ahead for the team.