Adoption profile: Vultures

Adopting an animal is a fantastic way to support the work of the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust and Malawi’s only wildlife sanctuary.

Global vulture populations are in rapid decline. And yet these misunderstood birds play an essential role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. 

In Malawi, vultures almost became extinct only twenty years ago. But due to an increase in ecosystem restoration initiatives, vultures have slowly returned, creating a renewed and exciting opportunity for research and conservation of many critically endangered vulture species.

You can help protect vultures by supporting our project, Conserving Malawi’s Vultures. Working with a range of partners, we are filling critical knowledge gaps and developing on-the-ground skills for Malawi’s very first vulture-focused conservation initiatives!


The first step to understanding the behavioural ecology of vultures across Malawi is to understand how they use the landscape. Our research team has tagged dozens of critically endangered vultures in Liwonde National Park, Majete Wildlife Reserve and Nyika National Park and has been gathering consistent data on their movements. So far we’ve learned how vultures of all ages make use of the network of protected areas within Malawi and the larger region – some even travel as far as South Africa.

With your support, we can continue and expand this work, increasing the number of vultures we’re tracking and gaining a better understanding of how to protect these important species.

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Images: Olivia Sievert, Jewel4Travel, Cathy Hue, André Botha