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Malila, Ginger, Pucho, Ufulu and Mtendere are our resident serval cats. Malila is the only adult – she was surrendered to us when her owner left the country. Kittens Ginger and Pucho were found alone in the bush (separately), possibly abandoned by their mothers or former owners, while Ufulu and Mtendere were brought in as a pair after being confiscated from people who were trying to sell them as pets.

Ginger now

Sadly, Malila has a deformity in her hips which she has had from birth, which means she won’t be able to be released back into the wild. She is, however, enjoying her new life in a large forested enclosure of her own, coming out of hiding for her tasty meals of chicken at feeding time! 

Ginger, Pucho, Ufulu and Mtendere will eventually be released back into the wild when they are older and able to survive on their own. Servals are solitary animals, so Ginger and Pucho are being cared for separately, although Ufulu and Mtendere are undergoing rehabilitation together since they were brought in as a pair. The process involves as little human interaction as possible and the cats are closely monitored so that we can assess their development and their abilities to fend for themselves. 

Ginger tree climing_serval_wildlife_LWC
Pucho 5 months old_serval_wildlife_LWC

The release will be planned and executed carefully, with a location selected for its water sources, coverage for hiding, availability of prey and distance from human settlements. The servals will have a ‘soft release’, which means they will gradually be returned to the wild, spending time first in a release enclosure in the chosen area where they can familiarise themselves with the sights, sounds and smells of their new environment. Once the enclosure is opened the animals will be able to return to find food and shelter until they are able to take care of themselves independently.

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