Malawi Wildlife Rescue captures the drama of life at the frontline of conservation. Following the work of our wildlife rescue and welfare team, the six-part documentary series went behind-the-scenes at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre and out into the field with our Wildlife Emergency Response Unit. In case you’re wondering what happened to the animals featured in the series, we’ve done a little round up of some of the stars!

Doodle Bob: episode 1

Orphaned baboon Doodle Bob was just six weeks old when he arrived at the Centre. After being fostered by Kezi (pictured above) he was integrated into a larger troop. Doodle is well liked by his new family and spends most of his time with adult male Batista. He is still very close with his foster brother Fox.

Waterbuck: episode 4

Although the team managed to free this waterbuck from a nasty poachers' snare that was cutting deep across its face, they were worried that the ordeal may have proved fatal. Luckily park scouts have since spotted the animal looking healthy, albeit with an impressive scar.

Cheetah: episode 2

Episode two saw our team tranquilise and collar a young female cheetah in Liwonde National Park. The animal was one of the first cheetah cubs to be born in the Park in 20 years. After using the tracking collar to monitor her, we're delighted to report that she has since had her own litter of three cubs!

Sully: episode 2

This tiny vervet monkey was rescued after being sold into the illegal pet trade. After staying with foster mum Lulu for a while Sully moved into a troop in preparation for being released back into the wild. Although he’s way too big to be carried around he has attracted the attention of another female in the troop, Mwezi, who dotes on him as if he were still a baby.

Usiku: episode 4

Because Usiku had been in captive care for a long time, he was unfortunately not able to be released back into the wild. But in 2019 he made an epic trip to Zimbabwe to be integrated with another captive hyena. They got along great from the get go and Usiku is thoroughly enjoying his newfound social life.

Elephant: episode 5

In this episode the team grapples with a massive task: putting a satellite collar on a four-tonne bull elephant in Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve. Data from the collar shows that the elephant has since been roaming all over the park - and even across the border - giving us valuable data for our ongoing research.