What better time than World Croc Day to give everyone an update on our recently released 2.6 metre crocodile? 

 For years we searched for a release site for our resident crocs – Bushdog and Shiela – but couldn’t find one suitable to their needs. In March though, Bushdog made the choice for us by deciding to go for a wonder through the fields next to her enclosure. 

So what do you do when you get a call that a big crocodile has gone on an adventure? You assemble a large team and go get her of course! And this is exactly what the team at the wildlife centre did. 

Lead by head vet Amanda, they managed to successfully restrain and relocate her.

 Thanks to the hard work Thuma Forest Reserve has put in over the last few years, they became a suitable site for our girl. 

So with the help of 28 rangers who carried Bushdog to the best release location, she’s became the newest resident in their reserve river. Since March, rangers have done post-release monitoring on their patrols to make sure she’s enjoying her new home. So far she’s moved some 800 metres from her initial location and now enjoys a dam by Linthipe River.

We are very relieved that the story of our adventurous croc resulted in such a successful release! And presuming it all goes well, we’re hopeful her long-time enclosure pal – Shiela – can join reserve life really soon.