Because lions are the ultimate ‘indicator species’ of healthy intact landscapes, protecting these wild animals and their habitats is a key conservation priority.

As part of our Mkango Mufumu campaign to build public support for lions, our campaigning and education teams have been busy visiting a number of districts across Malawi. They’ve been spreading positives messages about lions and teaching children and communities about the damage humans have caused to lion populations in the country. Working in partnership with the Solomonic Peacock theatre company, we created an educational play that conveys these messages in a fun, engaging way.


Our first performances were in the capital city, Lilongwe, and reached over 10,000 children and adults at seven locations, four of which were schools. Next we took our theatre roadshow to the town of Salima, where, over five days and ten performances, we reached some 9,500 people. After each performance, we hold a Q&A session to enable the audience to engage more closely with the issues raised by the play and learn more about conservation. Questions include things like:

  • ‘Why is the lion known as the ‘King of the Jungle?’
  • ‘How do wild animals transmit diseases to human beings?’

Lions are the kings of the wild. And the queens! They have been here in Malawi for thousands of years. Top of the food chain, part of our age-old circle of life. Keeping the balance. So powerful and strong! Hear their roar and my heart skips a beat. But my fear is also awe...and wonder. Being king is not easy. In a world where wild places are disappearing too fast, and food is scarce…

Our final street theatre performances for 2020 will be held in Kasungu district once school classes resume. Please stayed tuned for more information and encourage anyone you know in the area to come along and get involved!