Steve, a project manager of our education team, has been with us for over three years. In that time he’s run lessons in some 70 schools in the Kasungu District. In the last couple of weeks this has meant visiting Nkhanga Primary School and Kadoweke and Thawee Secondary Schools.

It was his fourth visit to Thawee. There he spent time with over 120 students aged from 8 to 16 years. His latest lesson focused on helping the kids to understand the role of nature in our daily lives and letting them know the different ways they can take part in conservation.

Together they also performed a drama about charcoal production and the negative environmental impacts it can cause.

Steve really loves spending time with schools. He says:

“My favourite aspect is the sharing of knowledge. I enjoy playing environmental games with youth. It always brings a laugh. It’s a privilege to try and help cultivate the next generation of conservationists. We really need them!”