Today, in celebration of World Wildlife Day, we’re proud to release a short film called ‘Malawi, My Home’ (‘Malawi, Dziko Langa’ in Chichewa). The film follows a young boy as he explains what home means to him, reflecting his pride in his country – the beauty and value of which is ultimately rooted in nature.

Created to support our environmental education and community outreach work, the film celebrates the critical role that wild fauna and flora play in preserving life on earth, essentially providing a home for all. It reflects the theme of this year’s global World Wildlife Day, “Sustaining all life on earth”. 

World Wildlife Day is one of a series of global milestones and events planned in 2020, which is being billed as a “biodiversity super year” in recognition of its potential to accelerate efforts to halt further environmental loss. Governments, civil society, private sector and communities are leading efforts to put biodiversity at the top of political agendas and public consciousness across the world.

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries where most people rely on natural resources to survive and where environmental threats are becoming more pressing than ever. Forests and woodlands are disappearing. Animal habitats are shrinking. A changing climate is putting food security and human health at risk. 

In the face of these challenges, strengthening the positive relationships people hold with their natural environment is crucial to driving behaviours that protect wildlife. This film is designed to encourage a sense of ownership and responsibility for wildlife, particularly in our younger generations.

If you would like a copy of the film please email trust@lilongwewildlife.org. Thanks to film-maker Julian Braatvedt, the villagers of Khulingira, and the UK Government via DEFRA for their generous sponsorship of the film.