It was taking a guided tour of the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (LWC) that inspired Ernest to want to work there. As he was studying environmental management at the time, during the tour he started thinking about how waste could be be transformed into useful materials like ecobricks. He took the simple route of sending a letter to the head office, and was called two weeks later to join the team as an intern. His aim was to gain experience in environmental management and wildlife conservation. 

The experience of working with the LWC team has since taught him more about compost production and usage, and given him the opportunity to impart his new-found knowledge to children during school visits to the Centre. He has also been involved in outreach activities with the education team, cultivating a “tree clinic” for the improvement, protection and growth of the surrounding forests, as well as becoming a tour guide himself.

Ernest is currently helping out with the marketing department, and has plans to hopefully be a part of the education team. During his free time, Ernest puts his skills to work in an environmental management project started by a friend who used to work as an education officer at the Centre. The project works closely with groups of women, teaching them how to make charcoal briquettes and recycle bottles into glasses, with the aim of empowering and helping them to generate income. They also provide recycling and waste management support to densely populated communities, using the knowledge they have gained from working at the Centre.