They say third time’s a charm, but for Evzen Lomak from the Czech Republic, his fifth stint at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is as charming as his previous four experiences!

He has been travelling to Malawi since 2012. “I love the environment in Malawi!” he says fondly.

He accumulates his work holidays to volunteer at the Centre, where his dream of caring for wild animals – which are only found in zoos and circuses in his country – is realised. His initial motivation for coming was to gain experience of working with wild animals as the vet clinic he works in at home deals mainly with smaller, domesticated animals.

Over the past five visits to Malawi, Evzen has worked as a sanctuary volunteer, research volunteer and vet extern, and has also attended our vet course.

To date, his most memorable experience has been doing health checks on lions in 2017.

While at Kuti Wildlife Reserve in 2015, he had a wealth of access to a variety of wild animals, including sables, kudus and zebras.

Even is keen to return to us again as each of his experiences has been beneficial in different ways.