The Liwonde National Park welcomed the education team to hear more about the steps they have been taking to help reintegrate lions into the Park.

The visit aimed to give the educators an opportunity to see the lions in their natural habitat and understand their impact on ecotourism, as well as to find out the lions’ bearing on the community. Activities included a safari to see the pride of lions present in the Park; a visit to African Parks to gain some insight into the work they are doing in this specific area and discussions with the local community educators, who are trained through the Children in the Wilderness (CITW) programme.

Danger, an experienced ranger from the Park, provided a wealth of knowledge during the safari, and some in-depth information on the connection between the communities that live around the Park and their relationship with the animals.

Since launching the Mkango: Pride of Malawi campaign in August, the education and campaigns team have been actively sharing the information with the communities and getting feedback from a Malawian perspective. This experience also aimed to increase the educator’s knowledge so that they can better communicate to the people.