The Mkango Trendsetters

Urban artist, KGB, led a cohort of influential celebrities this weekend to celebrate the most majestic of Malawi’s species, the lion. Taking part in the annual Lilongwe ‘trendsetters’ event, They wore our mkango t-shirts with pride, talked about why they identified with the kings of the wild, and urged their followers to support the campaign.

KGB said, “How many countries are so lucky to have lions? They are strong, courageous, and ultimately I think we should look for the lion in our heart. But, we should not take them for granted. We must protect and respect them, and live in peace alongside them.”

Half of all wild lions have been lost in the past 25 years with as few as 20,000 remaining in Africa. The Lion Recovery Fund is supporting Department of Nationals Parks & Wildlife and Lilongwe Wildlife Trust to raise awareness of the values of the lion, and the ways that they can be protected.