Learning about the Pride — Latest class receive Mkango lesson

On 25 September 2019 members of the LWT education team visited Crazmatic Primary school in Lilongwe to deliver a lesson aimed at providing awareness to learners on our new lion protection campaign, Mkango: Pride of Malawi.

The new campaign focuses on the life of lions and their relationship and interaction with humans. About 67 children were in attendance for the latest lesson.

The students were taught about the behaviours of lions as a pride and the roles of lionesses, males, and cubs. The team helped the learners to understand the importance of keeping lions safe in Malawi by conveying their importance in an ecosystem and as part of the food chain and natural balance of all living creatures.

Students in the class were asked to suggest any threats and challenges lions are encountered with, and how can they protect the lions from harm. After the lesson, the children promised to take action in protecting the wild animals that occupy the natural spaces that surround them, including lions. Students understood that each organism found in an ecosystem has a role to play to keep the ecosystem in balance.

The lesson also focused on ways lions can be helped to thrive in the wild. Students promised to plant more trees this rainy season to help restore deteriorated environments, which will help lions to reestablish themselves in the wild. The class also went away determined to tackle poor waste management which pollutes local habitats and harms biodiversity and local communities.