Take on the Lion Quest — How many can you find?

If you are based in Lilongwe, now’s your chance to get involved with our Mkango: Pride of Malawi Lion Quest!

Join in the fun by taking yourself on a journey to find all ten lion stencils hidden around Lilongwe.

The picture to the right shows you what they look like.

To join in, you will need a QR scanner on your phone, like this one for iPhones or this one for Androids.

When you find one of our lions simply scan the code with your phone and you’ll be sent a map for the next location.

Lions are shy animals though so make sure you search in all their hiding places to find them!

Spotted one of our lions? Then take a selfie with it, put it on social media, and tag us in your photo! We are @lilongwewildlife on Instagram and Facebook, and @malawiwildlife on Twitter.

The quest can start from any location where you find one of the lions, but if you’re stuck, why not head to the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre and see if one is hiding there… 

Race through the quest in a day or take your time over a week — but make sure you tell your friends about the challenge. Remember there are ten to find! 

Good luck!