Lilongwe Wildlife Centre recognised again with prestigious accreditation

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s facility for housing and rehabilitating Malawi’s rescued wild animals has had its accreditation with the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) renewed for another five years.

PASA is the largest association of wildlife sanctuaries in Africa and includes 23 centres in 13 countries. PASA’s network of member sanctuaries must demonstrate exceptional dedication to the protection and care of Africa’s primates through a combination of rescuing and caring for orphaned and at-risk animals, protecting endangered primates from extinction, combatting wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade, educating the public in conservation, and empowering local communities. 

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, which was set up in 2007, first received accreditation from PASA in 2014. To receive accreditation, a wildlife centre must pass a stringent inspection of its facilities and prove that the highest standards of animal care and conservation practices are being maintained.

Located in the centre of Malawi’s capital city, the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre provides veterinary and rehabilitation care to injured and orphaned animals including primates, birds, and reptiles. Last year the centre supported the health and wellbeing of nearly 300 individual animals and released 35 back into the wild.

Commenting on PASA’s award, Lilongwe Wildlife Trust CEO, Jonny Vaughan, said: “PASA only grants accreditation to sanctuaries in Africa that exhibit the very highest levels of care to wild animals and promote their ongoing protection. We are delighted that the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has again been recognised for the tremendous work it does to rescue, rehabilitate, and release Malawi’s most vulnerable and at-risk wildlife. This award is testament to the dedication and diligence of all of the centre’s staff, volunteers, and supporters — and I congratulate them all for their continued commitment to Malawi’s precious biodiversity.”