Polly meets her new family

Polly, a 3 month old yellow baboon, is introduced to her new foster family: her foster mum, Ivy, and foster daughter, Rogue.

Polly came to the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre having been found alone and abandoned at the side of the road. Her biological mother is presumed to have been a victim of the illegal wildlife trade.

Over the past few weeks, our amazing volunteers have acted as a foster mother to Polly while the team carefully selected the best new mum from our resident baboons.

We began Polly’s integration with Ivy and Rogue just a few days ago, and with nothing but positive interaction, our team decided it was time to open the slide.

Watch the moment Polly, Ivy, and Rogue met for the first time. You can hear an example of lip smacking, a sign of affection in yellow baboons.

We hope this is the start of a brand new happy family!