Lilongwe Wildlife Trust Strengthens Legal Response to Wildlife Crime

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust has delivered educational training for magistrates in an effort to bolster the judicial response to wildlife crime in Malawi.

During February 2019, the Trust’s legal team trained 51 magistrates and employees of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife at a series of workshops in Liwonde and Mponela. The training focused on the National Parks and Wildlife Act 2017 and the accompanying Sentencing Guidelines, with the aim of empowering key members of the judiciary to understand and implement these crucial legal tools when dealing with cases of illegal wildlife trade.

The training consisted of a combination of presentations and practical exercises which required attendees to analyse both real and hypothetical wildlife crime cases.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust designed the educational training to improve court outcomes in relation to wildlife crime, in particular inconsistent sentencing and extensive delays in the start of trials. This work is part of the Trust’s wider Conservation Justice programme, which supports government-led efforts to tackle the illegal killing and trade of wildlife.