Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s anti-wildlife crime course praised by local communities

The Lilongwe Wildlife trust has delivered crucial sensitisation and awareness courses to communities surrounding Kuti Wildlife Reserve, aimed at curbing the illegal killing of wild animals.

Over the course of five days last week, the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s specialist education team joined with Solomonic Peacocks Theatre group to spread awareness of the importance of wildlife conservation through theatre plays, dance competitions, and quizzes.

The course, which involved both adults and children, also taught participants about the new Environmental Conservation Act. Approximately 6,000 people were reached over the duration of the course.

The education team was warmly received in every village and town they visited, often drawing out large crowds of interested community members on their arrival.

The Lilongwe Wildlife Trust campaigns for greater conservation efforts and wildlife protection in Malawi which includes delivering education to schools and community groups across the country.

Praising the latest awareness course, Alfred Penikeni, a community member from Chataika village, said:

“I am personally concerned with what my fellow community members do to our environment, therefore campaigns like these ones should continue, so that those who are ignorant on how important our environment is should gain some knowledge and expertise on how best they can personally take care of their environment.”