Meet the Women Fighting for Wildlife

Today is International Women’s Day, so what better way to mark the occasion than to profile some of the women on our team doing amazing work to protect and preserve Malawi’s wildlife. We asked these women to tell us a little about what their role is what inspires them to fight for wildlife.

Yolanda Ng’oma
Communications and Campaigns Consultant

“My role allows me to learn about nature and the challenges it faces, while inspiring social and behavioural change. It’s like being a super hero for nature and I always wanted to be a super hero!” 

Tabitha Stokes
Project Manager – Wildlife Detection Dog Unit

“My job combines my two passions in life: wildlife and dogs. I ensure our detection dogs perform to a high standard combatting wildlife crime, and make sure they have the best lives possible in terms of enrichment, exercise, and veterinary care.”

Martha Ntowa
Dog Handler – Wildlife Detection Dog Unit 

“I am a dog handler with the WDDU, which means I search for illegal wildlife products and other illicit goods. I enjoy my role because I have a direct impact on tackling wildlife trafficking in Malawi.”

Alma Van Dorenmalen
Captive Care and Rehabilitation Manager

“Providing rescued animals the proper conditions for them to thrive in, and seeing these animals develop, grow, and learn — giving them a chance to be released back into the wild — inspires me to do this work. Helping animals is a big passion of mine”.

Uchizi Chinula
Wildlife Justice Associate

“I monitor wildlife crime prosecutions as well as deliver legal training to a variety of Malawi’s key justice actors. I am inspired by the passion and dedication with which we work with Malawi’s government to preserve our precious wildlife.”

Dr. Amanda Salb
Head Veterinarian

“While my first love is working with animals, especially out in the wild of Malawi, what really makes this job special is working alongside such a motivated and talented team of people dedicated to preserving wildlife.”

Glory Kondowe

“Being in the accounting field is fun, but working with a team who from their hearts each day are willing to fight illegal animal poaching is more than beautiful. In this role I have come to learn more about the field of wildlife conservation, and in its development I will stay!”

These are just some of the women on a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who will be there today, and everyday, to stand up for Malawi’s wildlife.


Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Lilongwe Wildlife Trust!