Roger and his group face final stage before release

Over the past few days, the team at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre have been preparing Roger, one of our wonderful vervet monkeys, and the seven other members of his group for the final stages of their rehabilitation. 

On Sunday the group had their final health checks and were settled into their carriers ready for their journey north to Vwaza Wildlife Reserve where they will see their release enclosure for the very first time, signally the last few steps before release back into the wild. 

The complex operation was all captured by a film crew who are following the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust for a brand new upcoming documentary series. 

The weekend’s events were the culmination of many months of intense work by the whole team of vets, experts, carers, and volunteers at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, and everyone involved is now looking forward to seeing Roger and his peers embark on a brand new start in the wild of Malawi.