I volunteered at LWT in the summer before I started university. It has always been something I wanted to do and LWT really taught me that you don’t have to have an animal background to volunteer – all hands are welcome! 

I worked in many areas around the centre, and the team really takes into consideration what your background is in, and also allows you to have once in a lifetime opportunities! 

 My time in Malawi will be something I will never forget. I volunteered for six weeks and once my time was up, I was very sad to go. I have made friends for life who live all across the world! Malawi is really the heart off Africa everyone is so friendly and it was really amazing to experience a different culture. The team at LWT are amazing and so friendly, they are there for all your needs. I would also definitely recommend the safari to Zambia. 

I was very nervous heading to Malawi as it was my first big trip away from home, but I was met at the airport bu a representative who took us to the centre, so the arrival was really smooth. My biggest advice is to take in every minute as time goes past so fast! 

I can happily say I really miss being in Malawi with the LWT team, I really hope I will return in the future!