Last week, DNPW Malawi and Lilongwe Wildlife Trust went on a mission, planning to rescue one baboon… and came back with two!

First, they found the reported two-year-old male baboon chained to an engine outside a house in Senga Bay. Helpful villagers then led the team to another being kept illegally as a pet and the DNPW officer convinced the owner to hand her over.

The team were only prepared with one rescue crate, but luckily the second baboon was calm enough to ride to Lilongwe on our Research Manager’s lap. Both animals are currently undergoing health checks at the Wildlife Centre, hopefully their first step towards being released back into the wild.

The two baboons, now named Penny and Ody, are currently being integrated so that they can get social contact from each other, rather than people. At the moment, they are curious, but also scared of each other. The animals have also undergone quarantine exams, which is part of the health check protocol before new primates are integrated into a troop. The procedure includes sample collection, a physical exam and a TB test.

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