by Mphatso Chiudza

Last week, Lilongwe District Council’s Community Development Department, in collaboration with Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT), World Vision Malawi, Evangelical Association of Malawi, Love Support, SOS and CLARA, organised an International Adult Literacy Commemoration Day, which took place at Nkhoma Mission primary school.

The ceremony was held under the theme ‘literacy and skills development for all’ and this awareness campaign will help to educate communities about the importance of joining the adult literacy classes as one way of reducing illiteracy levels in Malawi. The event was attended by around 3,000 people, and during the commemoration, 27 learners from Msampha and Area 23 (under LWT) and 110 learners from Nkhoma (under Evangelical Association of Malawi) were awarded adult literacy certificates.

Those in attendance included Member of Parliament of Nkhoma Constituency, Lilongwe District Community Development Officer and guest of honour, The Chair for Lilongwe City Council,  who all emphasised the importance of learning how to read, write and calculate while you are an adult. The event also allowed LWT’s adult literacy students to learn some of the activities done by their fellow students, such as needle craft activities and conservation agriculture.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust was delighted to be involved in the event, as improving adult literacy levels in Malawi – specifically Lilongwe – is a key focus of LWT’s education programme.