This month, our 10-day Primate Conservation Course with Ian Redmond OBE visited the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve and Nyika National Park, where students studied vervets, baboons and blue monkeys through a series of lectures and practicals. The students learned about primate conservation, radio tracking, field survey techniques and primate reintroducation management and tried their hand at primate transects, vegetation surveys, telemetry, hair sample analysis and wild and captive behavioural observations.

Ian, a world-renowned primate and elephant researcher, is an ambassador and advisor for the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust, and this was a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn from one of the leading experts in the field of primate research.  See below for a selection of photos from the course.

Ian Redmond talks about his primate research
The students learn how to do vegetation surveys in Vwaza
A telemetry practical
Baboons wander through camp


A lecture on primate reintroduction and field survey techniques from Research Manager Mandy Harwood
The Vwaza Marsh elephants
Watching elephants from the Vwaza Research Camp
Ian with LWT Research Manager Mandy
Ian talks to the students
A lecture on blue monkeys and Nyika National Park from Field Research Assistant James Stranks
A primate transect in Nyika National Park
Setting non-invasive sticky trap bait stations in Nyika
A sunny evening in Nyika National Park