wildlife rehabilitation course

Our passionate Wildlife Centre team recently carried out the second Wildlife Rehabilitation Course of the season, teaching students who joined us from all over the world everything they need to know about rehabilitating wild animals.

The intensive seven-day course consists of a wide variety of lectures, practical assignments, and hands-on rehabilitation techniques, as well as a field excursion to one of our wildlife release sites. We teach techniques such as intake, stabilisation, principles of good orphan care, enclosure requirements and assessment. Additionally, the course covers the full rehabilitation journey, from intake to release, teaching topics including animal behaviour, welfare, veterinary care, and release techniques. Students are also given an insight into other work that Lilongwe Wildlife Trust carries out, including the role of law enforcement and conservation education and advocacy in mitigating threats to wildlife.

wildlife rehabilitation course

Whether you’re interested in a conservation career or fancy a break from your office job, our Wildlife Rehabilitation Course is open to anyone looking for an intense learning experience with hands-on practicals at our world-class sanctuary. Our next course will take place from 15th to 21st August. Whilst the course itself runs over a week, those involved can extend their stay with us as a volunteer or researcher. The course costs £800, with discounts applicable when incorporated into a volunteer placement.



Interested in applying? For more information please contact us at lilongwewildlife@gmail.com