Malawi’s wildlife may seem a world away for some, but that didn’t stop Amaylia and her friends from Dixie Grammar School in England helping us to protect and preserve this country’s species. Inspired by a talk given by Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s Kate Moore – a former Dixie pupil – Amaylia dedicated herself to organising a fundraising cake sale.


Amaylia’s grandma and her friends all got involved by baking cakes to be sold to the rest of the school. Posters were put on display and the event was advertised on the school bulletin, requesting additional cake donations. When the cake sale day rolled around, it was a great success. Despite having scheduled the sale for break time, there were so many cakes and so much interest that the girls managed to continue the sale during lunch.

Amaylia raised an impressive £120 for Lilongwe Wildlife Trust and we are extremely grateful for all of the hard work and dedication put into organising and running the event. All the money will be put towards the rescue and rehabilitation of Malawi’s animals, and will be able to help us feed five rescued baboon orphans for a week, plant 60 trees, or even rescue an elephant caught in a poacher’s snare!

Click here if, like Amaylia, you are interested in taking part in protecting Malawi’s wildlife and would like guidance on how you can support Lilongwe Wildlife Trust.