Last week we were thrilled to meet Jo Platt MP, the Labour / Co-operative Member of Parliament for Leigh in Manchester, England. Jo became a councillor for Wigan Council in 2012 and was appointed cabinet member for children and young people services, which have been significantly improved in recent years by Jo’s work. Her further work and other areas of interest include monitoring the impact of welfare reforms and improving the standards of animal sanctuaries in the UK. It is for this reason that Jo was keen to visit Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, the only sanctuary in the world to have three accreditations from Born Free’s Paw Scheme, Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries due to our outstanding operating standards and conservation impact.


It was a pleasure to show Jo around the sanctuary and talk to her about the work that we do. She was very enthusiastic to learn about how we operate and showed great interest in the rescue and rehabilitation process. We hope that her time at the sanctuary helped to inspire her and offered a further insight into the importance of high standards when it comes to animal care. We are fully behind Jo’s fantastic efforts to raise the standard of care in UK animal sanctuaries and we are excited to explore future opportunities to support each other.