Orphan Monkeys




Rescued in October 2016, orphan monkey Chikondi was found being sold at the roadside as a baby. She was brought to the centre and introduced to one of our foster mums, Lulu, until she was old enough to be introduced into a troop. Easily stressed out and shy around others, it took Chikondi a long while to begin interacting with the other monkeys despite their friendly behaviour towards her. Once accepted into the troop, she took another big step and learnt to climb and sit in trees for the first time in her life. Today she can be seen eating and playing with the other vervets as she grows more comfortable being around others. This stage of rehabilitation is important, with group stabilisation of a troop taking a few years before their ability to survive on their own in the wild can be assessed and releases planned.




Orphan Monkeys

Cape, Tuktuk and Moses

Affectionately known as the Three Musketeers, Cape, Tuktuk and Moses were rescued as orphans and arrived at our sanctuary between December 2016 and January 2017. The trio was introduced to one another from a young age and then integrated into a troop so that they could make more friends. Social and playful, it didn’t take long for them to settle in and after two months they made their way to the big enclosure where they discovered the joy of playing and jumping in trees with their fellow young vervets. We are all very happy to see that the bond between Cape, Tuktuk and Moses has remained intact and it is a pleasure to watch them playing together outside every day. As with Chikondi, it will take some time for the troop to settle fully and learn to be dependent. Visit our Instagram to learn more about Tuktuk and his friends!


If you’d like to help us care for our orphans, please click here or alternatively check out our volunteering programme and join us in rehabilitating our vervets and other animals at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.