Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s conservation education programme continues to receive overwhelming support, with increasing numbers of schools joining the scheme. Two weeks ago, students from primary and secondary schools in Mzimba district received lessons delivered by our Protected Area Environmental Education Programme (PEEP North) educators, with a total of 544 school children involved in the wildlife conservation and welfare and wildlife crime modules.

Upon receiving the lessons, the children were so excited and keen to engage further in wildlife conservation activities that they requested wildlife partrons/matrons for their schools be trained in the delivery of environmental lessons. Through its PEEP North programme, LWT is looking to register more schools and train more teachers and communities to take a lead in spreading conservation messages.

conservation educationPEEP North also recently teamed up with DNPW’s Nyika education and extension department to exhibit a series of ‘experience the beauty of Malawi’ cinema shows to three remote schools (Lupalamizi, Mkama and Nkhozo). The cinema provided the children with the opportunity to experience and appreciate the magnificent beauty and wildlife of the ‘warm heart of Africa’. The programme attracted over 300 pupils, teachers and community members. 

After watching the films, the participants expressed interest in visiting Nyika and other national parks and wildlife reserves and pledged their support in the protection and conservation of the protected areas.