education, environmentThere are a lot of pressing issues affecting our environment today, the issue has devastating impacts on both humans and wildlife.

Environmental management (EM) is a subject that combines science, policy, and socioeconomic applications. It primarily stresses on finding solutions to practical problems that people face in cohabitation with nature, resource exploitation, and waste production.

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is environmental degradation, including deforestation, desertification, pollution, and climate change – an issue of increasing concern for the international community. Environmental degradation increases the vulnerability of the societies it affects and contributes to the scarcity of resources.

We know the importance of a healthy environment and we should take all the possible measures to keep our environment healthy. One of the most effective means to promote healthy environment is giving proper education to both new as well as old generations. Environmental education and protection are crucial for the benefit of both the environment and humans.

Education has the power to modify the society and present better knowledge to its populace. Education can stand as a proper solution to solve different sorts of problems that exist in a society and therefore, education has a big role to play to save the environment.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust had the chance to deliver environmental knowledge to schools in Lilongwe on issues concerning waste management and deforestation.

Many thanks to PASA for the donation of the portable projectors, which makes the delivery of lessons easier particularly when there are power issues.

The lessons we delivered focused on deforestation and waste management. We also do educational games to lift the spirits of the joyous kids.

Many thanks to the LWT education team and LWT volunteers for making environmental education a success and reality in Malawi.