With the help of a really great team of veterinary externs, we accomplished over 80 procedures in the Lilongwe Wildlife Center Veterinary Clinic this summer! Vervets, baboons, duiker, barn owl, tortoises: all healthy and ready to go forward to the step of rehabilitation. Two other procedures included:

Henri, an old Rock Python housed by the Lilongwe Wildlife Center, just had his bi-annual health check. After one person had quickly and gently grabbed his head, one person per meter was required to hold him and let the veterinarian palpate his body, checking the skin and the absence of any abnormalities. After his exam, all 4m 13cm, 30kg of Henri sulked in his box before going back to his normal routine.

Malila, one of our resident Serval cats, needed a new contraceptive implant few days ago. She is sharing her enclosure with Chorley, our male Serval. Under anaesthesia, we weighed her and took a blood sample and placed the new implant. The whole procedure went smoothly and Malila recovered well, rejoining her companion the same day.

Thanks to all our volunteers who helped make it happen!

baboon procedure serval procedure python health check