perivoli graduationPerivoli Schools Trust  began in Namibia in 2012.  Their mission is to transform the prospects of children aged two to six in poor communities across Sub-Saharan Africa by showing nursery school teachers how to stimulate their young charges by using every day waste materials as teaching aids.

Once we learnt about the simplicity and effectiveness of their programme, we were thrilled to be appointed as their implementing partner in Malawi in 2016.  The combination of teacher training and class visits using a network of coordinators and trainers allows for fast and inexpensive implementation, with eight modules delivered over the course of a year.

The modules show teachers how to structure their week, organise their classrooms and how to make play the centre of everything they do. The goal is to help children to develop social skills, audio and visual perception, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, language and simple arithmetic. Teachers that complete all eight modules are awarded a Perivoli Certificate.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s role is to help Perivoli replicate their successes in Namibia, where their 80 Perivoli Trainers have trained almost 3000 nursery school teachers reaching over 46,000 nursery school learners over the past four years.  2017/18 will focus around Lilongwe where there is huge demand for the programme, where we aim to build a network of 12 trainers and 400 teachers by the end of 2018. We will then expand to one of LWT’s protected area sites in 2019. 

The Perivoli Foundation also supports a number of conservation causes and provide us with a generous operational grant each year.

Find out more at http://www.perivolischools.com/

perivoli graduation ceremony