With humor and natural spokesperson abilities, Nebart Mitka, can often be seen in front of large groups of children at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre giving talks and lessons about the importance of environmental and wildlife conservation.

Nebart currently serves as the Environmental Education Manager, a role he credits for giving him a sense of independence – something he places great value on.

“That independence not only took place in my personal life but also work,” he said. “Because now I can work with minimal supervision, making decisions – so I think that is a very big change.”

Nebart oversees four staff members and numerous projects for LWT including the development of educational materials, coordination of day-to-day groups as well as special outreach projects including special events such as World Wildlife Day, the annual Wildlife Quiz competition among local schools and the Pedal Power Cinema which goes out to local communities and villages.

He joined LWT as an Education Officer after receiving his certificate in Environmental Management from the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources where he received a scholarship after being recognized as a top student.

Nebart credits his work ethic and having good mentors in his life for his achievements over the years.

“I’m a hard worker and I have confidence in myself,” he said. “I’ve never lost a competition, so that keeps me going.

One of his mentors is Clement Manjaalera, Head of Environmental Education & Community Conservation for LWT.

 “Clement has mentored me in everything I do here,” said Nebart. “He has guided me and is one of my work idols here.”

Now, Nebart pays it forward by being a mentor to youth in his community during his free time. He says it’s easier for him to teach young people about conservation because he grew up in a village and has experienced local life.

“I hope I can be the one facilitating change and definitely using myself as an example,” he said.

When he’s not mentoring the next generation of change makers and wildlife guardians, Nebart enjoys music and is busy planning his engagement ceremony with his fiancé.