The biodiversity monitoring programme operates from our new research camp in Vwaza Wildlife Reserve, and is run in partnership with Conservation Research Africa. Results are shared with the Department of National Parks & Wildlife in order to to inform practical management of the parks that fall within the Nyika-Vwaza protected area ecosystem, in the Malawi-Zambia TFCA.  

Methods include:

  • Primate radio telemetry & behavioural observations
  • Carnivore census and camera trapping
  • Bat diversity surveys (harp traps, mist nets and acoustic surveys)
  • Insect surveys (light trapping, pinning and dissection)
  • Vegetation surveys (habitat vegetation assesssments)
  • Large mammal surveys (foot transect surveys)
  • Small mammal surveys (using Sherman live traps)
  • Elephant census surveys


LWT is a member of the IUCN Urban Biodiversity Specialist Group and conducts research within the Lilongwe nature reserve, for which LWT holds the concession.  We also support urban biodiversity carnivore research.


MSc, MRes or PhD students can apply to join existing projects or conduct their own research. Those enrolled in the LWT volunteer programme can also join the team for a proportion of their stay.    Please contact us for more information.

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