Lilongwe Wildlife Trust recently held a judiciary workshop to discuss the revised Wildlife Act and the role of magistrates in protecting wildlife. The 2-day workshop was funded by GIZ and took place in Mangochi in the South of Malawi with 33 magistrates in attendance. Presenters included two high court judges, senior counsel members and wildlife experts, and the agenda included information sessions on the Wildlife Amendment, definitions within the act as well as a list of protected and endangered species.

“The feedback from the magistrates was very positive,” said Victoria May, volunteer lawyer for Lilongwe Wildlife trust who also presented at the workshop. “It is so rare that so many of them can convene this way, given their busy schedules, and it was the perfect opportunity not only to share essential information on the changes but also to compare notes on the various wildlife cases that they had been presented with in their courts.”

The Lilongwe Wildlife Trust will offer magistrate workshops throughout the year to ensure the Wildlife Act Amendment continues to be enacted.