On the 16th of December, 38 proud Adult Literacy students graduated at a ceremony held at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

After 10 months of studying  and attending classes three times a week, the graduates  are now skilled in mathematics, dictation, reading and writing. The graduates hail from Area 23 in Lilongwe and the Sampah region.

Special guests at the ceremony included the Government’s Assistant District Community Development Officer and the Sampah Group Village Headman. Both guests praised the graduates for taking part, and encouraged the learners to continue with their education – with the possibility of starting English classes in the new year.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s Adult Literacy Programme was launched in 2011. This year’s class scored an impressive 90% pass rate and the programme has proved to be an important part of social and economic development  in local communities.

The majority of the 38 graduates were women, and they will now have the opportunity to gain loans to start their own small businesses and be offered leadership positions in their community.

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the graduates, and commend their volunteer teachers who were selected by their classes and trained by the Community Development Office and Lilongwe Wildlife Trust.  We would also like to thank Hi5 for their financial support of this programme.