Back in July we shared the story of a month old serval kitten who was rescued from  a roadside seller and brought to the LWT’s Wildlife Centre. Named Bolt, he is now five months old and not so little anymore!

Although servals are typically solitary animals, we have seen an opportunity to integrate Bolt with another young male called Savannah – who is around a year old.

 If we can successfully integrate the duo, we can also release them together.

The integration of animals is a long process as the animals are monitored closely and their behavior is recorded over time.

Bolt has been placed in an enclosure next to Savannah’s and we are watching how they respond to being next to each other and if we can see any signs of curiosity, stress and aggression. When our rehabilitation team is certain that these two servals had enough time to get used to each other, they will be integrated together and monitored closely afterwards.

As servals are active in the early morning and later hours when it is just too dark for humans to see, and we don’t want to disturb any of their potential interactions – we have placed a camera trap near their enclosure to monitor them.

Take a look at the video below to see how Bolt is exploring his surroundings after he just was moved into his new inside enclosure next to Savannah …