In September, 14 individuals were arrested for wildlife trafficking, which included the confiscation of 102.6 kg of ivory, 1 lion skin, 2 leopard skins and 2 hippo teeth.  A further 6 individuals received custodial sentences, as detailed below.  Congratulations to all the law enforcement agencies involved.   

Suspect’s Name Offence Seizure Case Status (30/9/16)
John Sakala

Sandu Kalimbo

Ronald Mawele

Possession of ivory & trophies 4.5 kg ivory

1 lion skin

1 leopard skin

In court
Cedrick Moyo

Maxon Nhlane

Possession of ivory 24.6 kg ivory Concluded
Chikumbutso Mwera

Mathews Nkhoma

Possession of ivory 29 kg ivory Partly concluded
Eunice Gunde

Dymon Banda

Possession of ivory 4.5 kg ivory In court
Gracian Mwanvani

Ciyembekezo Majola

Lyness Makangala

Possession of ivory 40 kg ivory In court
Name to be provided at a later date Possession of leopard skin 1 Leopard skin In court
Name to be provided at a later date Possession of hippo teeth 2 hippo teeth In court




Cases of six suspects were concluded in the month as follows:

Suspect’s Name Charge Sentence
Cedrick Moyo

Maxon Nhlane

Possession of ivory 30 months IHL without fine
Chikumbutso Mwera Possession of ivory 40  months IHL without fine
Wiscort Lemani Possession of ivory 36 months IHL without fine
Owen Square Possession of Serval skin MK350,000 / ID 18 months IHL
Malinganya Bamusi


Possession of prohibited weapon ( AK 47 rifle) 6 years imprisonment without fine


Prosecutor and magistrate in each case Further information on each case, including the prosecutor and magistrate, are available upon request: