Lolita, a female baboon, was rescued when her mother was killed 16 years ago near Blantyre. The Blantyre Zoo was closing at that time and the p1000703Lilongwe Wildlife Centre did not exist yet. So, a family in Blantyre took up the responsibility of caring for and raising the yellow baboon.

Later, Mathilde, a vervet monkey, was rescued by the same family as she was not being treated well by her previous owners. She is roughly ten years old.


Recently the owners discovered the work the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife Centre does and decided it would be a good place for this older duo to spend the rest of their days.

After a couple of months of preparation, the animals were moved to the Centre this month. They are now adjusting to their new environment and we are identifying what type of enrichment they prefer to keep them active and stimulated.

After their quarantine period is up, they will be integrated with other vervets and yellow baboons. Both Lolita and Mathilde need to learn species specific behaviour and find a place in their new groups. Since these animals are older, the integration process might take  a longer period of time, but we are hopeful that the process will go as smoothly as possible.

We will keep you updated on their progress!