Our resident lions Simba and Bella are not getting any younger, so it’s important that we undertake regular health checks to monitor their wellbeing.

We had noticed that Bella had been having some issues whilst walking, and due to her history she already has arthritic joints. Much like humans, a blood sample can tell you a lot about your health – so taking some of Bella’s blood for analysis was a main priority.bella-health-check

Another vital part of a lion check-up is monitoring their weight – something that can only be done under anesthesia – so we took this opportunity to also check Bella’s weight. Our King of the Centre, Simba, was also anesthetised to enable us to carry out vital health tests and at the same time he was weighed to see if he was maintaining a healthy weight range.

During the health check our vets also looked at the body condition of Bella and Simba, felt their joints, examined their teeth and cut their nails. Bella’s test results showed that she needed some more medication. As a result we can already see that her walking has improved and that she’s back to her curious and playful self with Simba by her side. simba_pili-health-check
Bella was rescued from a run-down zoo in Romania and Simba from a squalid circus wagon in France by our partners the Born Free Foundation who continue to secure both lions’ life-long care costs.simba-health-check