LWT hit the road in January as part of a countrywide cinema roadshow focusing on elephants and the illegal ivory trade. In partnership with Stand up for Nature, LWT toured communities and schools over 6 weeks, reaching 14,000 people.

With the help of the British High Commission, Electric Pedals ( and Optoma ( we were able to tour with a pedal powered cinema kit. This custom made equipment consists of a portable pedal generator, LED projector, and the ‘OWL’ a specially designed cinema system all contain in one small box. Powered by continued cycling, you are able to simply attach a USB drive and show music, pictures or films through the projector.

The roadshow showcased LWT’s ‘Stop Wildlife Crime, Protect Malawi’s Wildlife’ campaign film, along with a selection of other short educational movies. The screenings were followed by group discussions on the issues highlighted, and community questions were answered by our education officers.

Understandably, in areas where human wildlife conflict had been an issue, opinions towards elephants were initially divided. There was however a resounding understanding of the importance and value of these iconic animals. In these past months LWT’s outreach teams have been able to use this equipment to massively expand our environmental education messages.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the partners who have aided us in this wonderful venture: Electric Pedals, Optoma, Canon UK, Manfrotto, DJI, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Stand up for Nature, African Parks, Central African Wilderness Safaris, Children in the Wilderness, Wildlife Action Group, Exeter Annual Fund, Whitley Wildlife Trust, British High Commission, SS Car Hire, Tracer Deben, Pink Banana Studios, Wildscreen, Ardnamurchan Natural History Centre, Pageant Pewter and Books for Nature.