Project: Rescue and Rehabilitation

Things have been running smoothly in Kasungu National Park lately! As most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and the long green grass has turned brown and burned, our released vervet troop is thriving.

There are now three wild males who have joined the troop and use their experience to help the troop survive against predators through the dry season months.

Excitedly, one of the females, Tinker,  just gave birth this past week to her first baby, and the first baby of our now wild troop! So far Mum and baby are doing well and look healthy, and the release team is keeping a close eye on their progress.

This is especially delightful because Tinker is a favorite from LWC. You may remember seeing this blog post about her: http://www.lilongwewildlife.org/2015/08/28/release-on-the-horizon/

Tinker had a long road through the rehabilitation process to get her chance to be back in the wild. She’s  a very sweet female who loves to socialise and groom, but unfortunately is always low-ranked.

Tinker was supposed to be released with Senga’s Troop two years ago, but just prior to their release she was badly injured by some of the other females in the troop. Tinker lost part of the muscle in her left leg and still has a limp from it. Her injury prevented her from being released two years ago, and resulted in her having to be integrated into a new troop at the Wildlife Centre. After failing to bond with a couple of troops, she found her place with Pops’ Troop and finally got her chance to be released this year. She is doing very well with her new baby, holding it protectively and keeping up with the rest of the troop, who are also being protective of both mother and baby. We will keep you updated on the baby’s progress!

We are also looking forward to more wild-born infants in the near future as breeding season gets underway and more females start to look heavily pregnant. New babies born into the troop are a great indicator of a thriving and healthy, both socially and physically, released primate troop. Births are also a happy moment here at LWT as this generation will be raised and live completely in their natural wild environment!

Here are some lovely images of Tinker and her little one …

image1 (5) image2 (3) image2 (4)