Last night Lilongwe Wildlife Trust and Carnivore Research Malawi responded to a call reporting a wild animal in a storm drain right here in the city. Upon arrival we found a serval cat, severely injured and traumatised after being attacked by multiple dogs. Working in the pitch black with quite a crowd gathering, our vet, Dr Amanda Salb, darted the animal before crawling inside the drain to retrieve him and rushing him back to the wildlife centre for emergency treatment. Our team are currently working their magic and we’ll keep you posted on his status – we’re keeping our fingers crossed!


UPDATE, 23rd May 2016: I’m afraid we have some sad news about the serval cat we rescued last week. Despite working hard to treat his extensive bite wounds, he deteriorated rapidly over the weekend and on Sunday he succumbed to his injuries. It’s always tough to lose a patient, but our team did a sterling job and it’s a real shame that he didn’t make it through.