Yellow baboon Chuck, currently being integrated into the troop
Yellow baboon Chuck, currently being integrated into the troop

Our sanctuary, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, rescues and rehabilitates all kinds of wildlife in Malawi that have become victim of the illegal wildlife trade. Over the last few years we have experienced an increase in the amount of yellow baboons needing our care, so we would like to improve their enclosure to give them a better quality of life while they are here. And thanks to funding from the International Primatological Society (IPS) we now have the means to do so!

Over the next few months we are going to upgrade our already large, open-top enclosures with multiple wooden structures for climbing, resting and providing extra shelter from rain or sun. This will create a better and more complex environment for the baboons, which will ultimately give them a higher level of welfare.

Due to a larger number of baboons within the enclosure, a lot of the natural vegetation is under pressure and trees are damaged easily without having a chance to recover. So, although man-made shelters aren’t found in the wild, they are a suitable solution to the issues at hand.


Here at LWC, our number one priority is to rehabilitate and release as many animals as possible back into the wild whenever feasible and appropriate, and our primate release programme is one of our biggest and most successful projects. Over the last few years we have successfully released two groups of yellow baboons and two groups of vervet monkeys into Kasungu National Park. That’s almost 100 primates that have had a second chance at a life of true freedom!

However, some animals in our care come from very troubled backgrounds or have medical problems that sadly means they are not suitable for release, but LWC provides those animals with life time care. We want to give all the animals as close an experience as they can get to their natural environment, whether they are here temporarily or permanently.