IMG_2271This chameleon must have had some good karma coming his way… He was dropped into us by our partners, African Bat Conservation, just last week. They found him on the road surrounded by children – concerned for his welfare the ABC team picked him up and took him back to camp. Upon closer inspection it was apparent that its eyes were very swollen and crusted, which meant he was unable to see anything. The team really took him under their wing, taking excellent care of him until they were able to get him to us in Lilongwe. They encouraged him to drink, caught insects for him to eat…and named him Derek.

Derek is now in our care and we have been treating the condition on his eyes using an antibiotic ointment twice a day, and the crusts have already come off. Although we are not sure how much he can see at the moment, this is a promising start! A volunteer here at LWC, David, used to keep chameleons and is helping us out with the care of our new little friend. He built Derek a beautiful enclosure and is making sure he gets plenty of water and all the bugs he likes. We will now continue to treat Derek with some delicate naturopathic remedies that might help him with his eye problem, and hope that he makes a full recovery very soon!