Elisabeth Labes, 50, Germany – March 2016 Wildlife Rehabilitation Course

From 22 to 28 March 2016 I attended the Wildlife Rehabilitation Course at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. The course covered all relevant steps of wild animal rehabilitation and release including animal intake, veterinary care, husbandry, nutrition, group integration, assessments of animals, enclosures and habitats, release approaches and post-release monitoring. Daily lectures on practical implementations and theoretical concepts were combined with hands-on experience in the centre. There was enough time for discussion despite the dense program, and for sharing of experience. The team at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre was highly experienced, dedicated to its work, and engaged in providing course participants with the maximum learning experience. Everybody was very friendly, open and welcoming. I had a wonderful time at LWC and can clearly recommend the Wildlife Rehabilitation Course to anyone interested in animal rehabilitation.